1. How do I enrol ?
Enrollment will take place online through our Virtual Examination Center. The details requested should be completed or if in the database already, they should be confirmed correct. Your identity number or passport number will serve to identify you to our system.
2. How do I obtain the study material ?
The Workbooks are free and can be downloaded from our Virtual Exam Center once the exam has been purchased.
3. Why should I write the RPE exams ?
The RPE is the entry-level examinations for the three exchanges (JSE, BESA, SAFEX). It allows you access to write the Stock Brokers examination administered by WITS or the SAFEX Ordinary Certificate.
4. What does the RPE mean in terms of my career ?
The RPE entitles an employee of a member of an exchange to advise on transactions on behalf of such a member. It is also recognized by the FSB as a qualifying examination for persons wishing to register as Investment managers
5. What if I cannot make the exam that I have booked for ?
As the exams now take place at a time and date booked by you at a testing center, you must please contact the testing center to cancel or postpone your appointment.
6. What if I donít have a credit card to make use of the e-commerce facility ?
If you prefer to pay by cheque or electronic transfer, please contact the SAIFM after you have completed the Enrollment screen. The SAIFM will handle the purchase on your behalf. This may be convenient for companies who enrol more than one student at a time.
7. How secure is it for me to use my credit card to pay for the exam ?
SafeShop supplies the e-commerce functionality of the Online Exam. SafeShop is the secure online shopping environment of MWeb Internet hosting service.
8. Can I obtain hard copies of the books if I donít like the e-books ?
Yes, but in this case the books will not be free. If you require hard copies of the books, you must please make arrangements with the office of the SAIFM.
The cost of a hard copy is: R80 per book excluding courier fees.